I am delighted to be representing the work of John Carroll. When deciding on artworks for your home it is important to consider the ways in which you connect with the art. These drawing for me are both  accessible and  nostalgic reminding  me of objects from my childhood  and the paraphernalia of day to day life.
The series of work presented here focuses mainly on the table top drawings. These seemingly arbitrary and disconnected objects form a series of monumental artworks. The mundane is elevated and associations are both made and questioned. Here Carroll has explored the melancholic process of unpacking boxes after the passing of his parents. Objects were unwrapped onto the kitchen table and moments from the artists past are remembered and webs of associations begin to unfold onto the paper..

The table sits directly underneath a central light in the artists home which casts dramatic shadows over the table. Interesting compositions are created, and the work begins with some small study’s in pencil and charcoal. The drawings became larger and more monumental as the intensity of the shadows increases and rich pastels are added with blacks.

This series developed into large-scale drawings for a solo exhibition and  Carroll pushed the Idea of the objects floating above the table to the point that these became less defined and blurred, they were observed as abstracted and intangible phantoms casting shadows onto the table. The surface of the paper developed to became part of the content, with the artists scraping tearing and rubbing the surface. These are large scale drawing and need to be viewed in situ.  Consider what you already have in your homes and arrange to view these artworks alongside your present collections. As these are large scale drawings they would be a stunning first purchase and add significance to any interior.

The latest development in this series involves moving from black and white to full colour large scale drawings. These were recently exhibited in a solo show in Manchester. In some of the drawings there are images of normal everyday household items such as a vase of flowers, plates of food with knives and forks, toy cars and cardboard boxes. These are juxtaposed with swirling abstract shapes that vaguely suggest a range of different things such as fire, liquid or gas, all through the set is the oval shape of the wooden table.

These works can be read on different levels, there is the familiar and also a flicker of unease across the surface.
We are delighted to represent Carroll’s work here. This portfolio of drawings discusses all that is vital in contemporary drawing. I recommend you view these in the flesh, the scale is superb and gives the artist full license to explore both the subject and the medium. If you have not used our services before, we bring the artworks to you for inspection in your homes. It is so important to see how these pieces will look alongside your home styling and present artworks. There is no obligation as these things often take time.

Contact or on 07793542824 to view these artworks in your home.

Ruth Davies
January 2018